I often wonder if we truly know what it takes to recover...

I recently had back surgery and am in the recovery phase. Today marks the one month since my surgery. even though I have no idea where a month went, it is obvious that it has passed me by.

I did everything I knew how to do to prepare for my surgery. I got specific groceries bought, had a walker and transport chair ordered, and prepared my home so that it would be as easy as possible for my boyfriend once I returned home. I ended up staying 2 nights instead of one, which was fine by me. My incision site was the worst part of the entire experience. My body rejected the staples that were holding my incision closed. The burning sensation was overwhelming! The pain was uncontrollable... Of course, I didn't realize what exactly was going on until after my staples were removed almost a month after my surgery, and the pain almost instantly went away. I felt incredibly better and as I sit here today, I feel fine. My pain from where the surgery actually was is minimal. It was all incisional pain.

So, what now? Physical Therapy starts in 2 weeks and then I am on the road to recovery! I will learn new and better ways to posture myself, walk, build my core strength and so much more! That my friend is recovery.

My recovery technically started the day I got home from the hospital. Lots of sleep, taking my medications, walking when necessary, etc. However, now that I am a month out, I can see how important it was for all the things I did to help me get to the place I am at today. I still rest more than usual, but that is ok! I walk when I get the urge, I am slowly getting back to work and enjoying family time once again.

So see, no matter how difficult recovery maybe it is possible and you will get through it just like me!

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