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Updated: Dec 28, 2020

It is now Sunday, December 27, 2020. I can barely believe that this year is on it's final days. I thought and felt as if this year would never come to an end. This year has definitely been one full of trials and tribulations. Our country has had unrest and panic has ensued.

All of humanity was thrust into a world that was very unknown. What we as a society at one point found to be taboo, it is now the norm. Our children have been suffering regarding school and the question looms, are the children going to have to repeat this last year's grade?

Millions of Americans have lost their jobs and their homes. The numbers are beyond staggering. As our country once again is struggling to meet the demand of the people who have the virus, chaos and quarantine once again ensues.

Domestic Violence is one area where hospital ER's are seeing staggering numbers of women come in to seek medical treatment after being abused. Mind you, as a victim at one point, I hid. I became a recluse. No one knew what was going on with me even after I kicked him out. I kept completely to myself. So the cases of Domestic Violence is actually much, much higher than the public is being told about.

Under no circumstances does a woman deserve to be abused. Not only that, but there is ABSOLUTELY nothing a woman could due that justified the violence against her. Domestic Violence is all about power and control. One person trying to control another person. Because it goes against our human nature to be controlled, the woman fights back until she no longer can. The physical violence has weakened her and has left her very wounded. She is barely able to stand upright and her spirit broken just like her body.

Something MUST BE ABSOLUTELY DONE to put a finish to Domestic Violence. It is unfortunately very typical for the children t6o be involved and used by the abuser as a pawn to keep the woman (victim) from fleeing.

It is a terrible and sick emotional web that is spun around us. It is wrapped around us so tight at times we are unable to escape it. Being threatened day after day, night after night, makes you become frightened of just about everything! I became afraid of the dark. I would take care of my business before 4pm so the girls and I would be inside for the rest of the day/night until the sun rose again.

However, I will end on this note...

All of us women are IMPORTANT, VALUABLE and DEEPLY LOVED! These 3 words are our TRUTH! These 3 words are the TRUTH that all of us NEED to BELIEVE IN!!!

TOGETHER, we can use our voices and begin to change the way society looks at us Survivors!!!

Something MUST be done & NEEDS to be done to Educate Society about the intricacies of Domestic Violence.

When it is all said & done, we will not only Persevere by we will all be "OK"...I PROMISE YOU THIS!!

My healing journey began very very slow but now two years later, I feel most of the part healed. My healing began right after I kicked him out at 11:30 pm December 23rd. Each day was so incredibly different. My beautiful mind had been wounded and I could feel it. My anxiety was uncontrollable and my mood unstable. I was recovering from severe anemia that almost cost me my life, not to mention having Complex PTSD, So, needless to say I was a walking, talking Disaster. How on earth, I was able to pull off not showing how I was actually feeling is besides me.

I joined a direct sales marketing company to make some extra money & they helped me so much! I believe that is when my healing sped up pretty fast. Once I began to create my very first Pink Bag, my healing really began to go at warp speed. I had once again, found a purpose for my life which is to help others.

Who better for me to help other than my sisters by circumstance. So off I went creating the Beautiful, Unique, & One of a kind "Pink Bag".

Please do not give up. let HOPE live inside you regardless of how much you have left!!! HOPE IS HOPE no matter what!!

My Beautiful Sisters, HOPE , COURAGE, BRAVERY and PERSEVERANCE is inside ALL OF YOU. Find your inner voice and you will then find the others! Once you find those you will TAKE back YOUR LIFE!! I am living, breathing proof!!!

May each and every one of you be BLESSED now & forever!

Love & Blessings Always,


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