Tonight I was inclined to edit and update this website for The Pink Bags. I quickly noticed that the website was missing something. It seemed generic and that was never my goal. I wanted a website for The Pink Bags that explained in detail not only my story but also how individuals could get involved in supporting my mission. The Pink Bags just recently celebrated their 2nd year in business! I am aware that this 2 year mark is quite a feat, since the majority of non-profit organizations barely make it through their first year and never see year #2,

I have been creating The Pink Bags with nothing but my own finances. I have yet to receive any grants and our donations have helped tremendously but they have been small amounts here and there. Please know I am in no way complaining. I have deeply enjoyed this experience immensely. I have met amazing individuals who are also business owners and I am so happy that I am able to call them my friends. I have been beyond fortunate to collaborate with these amazing individuals.

I truly hope that you are impressed with the updates of this website, and that you find the instructions and explanations of our mission clear and concise.

I have a very thankful heart for everyone who has supported The Pink Bags!

Many Blessings, Natalie

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