There are some individuals that say that time does not heal all wounds, and you know what they are correct but what they fail to tell you is that as time passes by the wound begins to scar over. Every scar you have is what makes you Beautiful and Unique. Each scar is part of your story!!

I happen to believe that if you allow yourself to heal because you truly want to heal you will heal as time passes you by. I think of healing as a process. It is a journey that we embark on to get to a better place in our lives and to become a more Beautiful version of ourselves! I know that is how I am viewing my healing process and yes healing is a process!!!! It takes time and everyone's time is different. Just like the grief cycle. Everyone moves through grief differently.

If you will view your healing process as a journey you will provoke more positive than negative emotions and your mental state will begin to heal and improve. Your negative self talk will begin to lessen until it is no more. You will become more self aware and mindful. This is what occurs when we heal. The only thnk I will promise you is that in the end It Will Be OK!!!!

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