Below are the individual product bundles that are included inside each and every PINK BAG. By purchasing a bundle of your choosing, you have taken the first step in creating a brand new PINK BAG. You may purchase only 1 bundle or multiple bundles. Once one of each bundle has been sponsored by being purchased, a brand new PINK BAG has been created especially by you. 

We keep track and a tally of all sponsored (purchased) bundles, in order to create as many PINK BAGS as possible. 

Natalie deeply and sincerely thanks you for participating in the bundle sponsorships! This is just another way for Natalie to deliver as many PINK BAGS as possible to fellow women survivors of domestic violence.

We would be honored if you would participate in the bundle sponsorships! You can even personalize your bundle with your name that is included upon check out. Should you have a special message that you would like to add, please contact Natalie so that she can add your message onto the gift tag that is included with the Pink Bags. 

Each and every PINK BAG is near and very dear to Natalie's heart. For our mission is to RESTORE HOPE, TRANSFORM LIVES!

Your generosity and unwavering support, allow Natalie to complete this mission as well as renew Hope and Joy to additional women survivors of domestic violence. 

Thank you from the depths of my heart for participating in our Mission!

Many Blessings, Natalie