Natalie's Story


 Natalie was in a severely abusive marriage f

or nearly 4 1/2 years.


The insurmountable loss she endured almost became more than she could bare physically, emotionally & spiritually. The severity of the abuse nearly cost her; her life.


During her life-saving hospitalization, she relied on her deep faith as well as her deep love for her precious daughters in order to begin slowly regaining her power back!


She slowly began to empower herself  in order to take her life back and not allow her beautiful daughters to become motherless.


Through her very deep and unwavering faith in God, she was able to take a step large enough for healing to begin. With in 3 short but also long months, she

Courageously & Bravely, ended her marriage.


As the weeks became months, she relentlessly prayed asking God to reveal what his will for her life was. She felt as if she had no defined purpose for her life anymore, which left her wandering from day to day. 


One afternoon, she received a phone call from her new business mentor. As Natalie shared her story, her mentor encouraged, supported, was incredibly understanding, and offered her wisdom and guidance in regards to the vision Natalie had in helping other women similar to herself.


Because of her mentor, Natalie began to create the Blueprints


     The Pink Bags

Natalie's goal was actually quite simple in a

very complex circumstance.


When Natalie remembered her inability to comfort herself in anyway, as well as her lack of desire to perform necessary and therapeutic self-care, she decided that she was going to create something tangible that would assist other women similar to herself. 

The tangible item that Natalie created are the 

        The Pink Bags 


The Beautiful Hot Pink Bags are filled with Pampering Bath, Beauty ,& Stationery items that are very feminine which will make each woman feel exceptionally Beautiful!

Natalie has hand-picked each and every item that comprises every Pink Bag, With each item fulfilling a

very specific purpose.

These items will assist each woman to begin having the ability  to Thrive  which will help in assisting their lives to become transformed .


The Pink Bags are a Loving reminder to every woman, that there is a New Community which Truly, Genuinely & Deeply Care for them and their success in reclaiming their lives and creating a Beautiful New Life for themselves and their children.

We believe all women can embrace who they are,
can define their future, and can change the world.


"Our Vision"

Every survivor deserves to have assistance on their healing journey.

As we continue to serve our local communities, we are also looking towards the future to expand across the nation in the next 5 years. 

We believe we can have The Pink Bags  given to women,

no matter their location.  

       We Need Your Support !!